#playformentalhealth is an initiative aiming to raise awareness of mental health through the power of art and its community.

Cyndeo Events – a UK based innovative events agency known to support the live music industry – and getFORWARD – a global community of doers – pulled together their efforts and resources to launch a campaign that will spread awareness of mental health at a time of great uncertainty.

As a result, #playformentalhealth was founded, creating an initiative that will encourage performing artists to create content and share it via social media platforms for the public to donate towards the work of the Mental Health Foundation

We are aiming to offer a better tomorrow, using the power of performing arts and its community today.


Advocate mental health awareness


Raise money for Mental Health Foundation UK


Support artists who are currently without work or projects

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Showcase the diverse talent of our world

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Enhance creativity in the current dull state of life by adding a bit of fun


Reconnect artists with fans, family and loved ones


Performers, it is time to make a change and give back as much as we can to our community as a strong reminder that we are still here using our efforts, talent and will to support one another at this time of crisis. 

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